Jewellery Box UK – Distinctive, Beautiful And Affordable

If you are seeking a long lasting,Jewellery Box UK – Distinctive, Beautiful And Affordable Articles enduring gift for that special person in your life, you may like to choose something a bit different. It’s less a case of buying something off the peg and more an all-encompassing experience in itself when you buy jewellery from Xanthe Marina. With each piece capable of being tailored to your loved one’s tastes, hopes, dreams and wishes for the future, you are investing in something a bit more than a necklace or a set of earrings. You’re showing how beloved you hold that person in your heart.

Personalised Jewellery Created By And For Individuals

Xanthe Marina is captivated by what can be achieved through unique mixtures of metals and precious gemstones. As an ardent and extensively travelled individual herself, her collections are inspired by tastes of the particular cultures she’s experienced in the exotic, wider world. From Indian jewellery UK to creations that hark back to the rich culture of the Mediterranean, from the Caribbean to the Middle East and further afield, each piece is made and moulded into shape using high levels of skill, imagination and expertise. Within the assorted collections featured on the website, you will find that nature has given us the capability to create something which is the ‘forever’ piece for all, whether you are searching for a token to express love and devotion or a very individual and symbolic amulet or charm to offer protection from harm. There is something to celebrate every important milestone in life, from birth to coming of age to marriage.

Xanthe Marina is not swayed or influenced by modern trends and consequently each piece is ageless. You will wear it with affection and pleasure for many years to come. With the correct care and attention, they’ll last forever, becoming family heirlooms to be passed onto our children and grandchildren for generations to come. You also will have the assurance of knowing that each item has a unique provenance, assuring you of its integrity and its quality. Every piece of personalised jewellery we create will carry its own, specific hallmark which complies with the rules and regulations laid down by the Assay Office in the UK. This will denote UFABET the jeweller’s name, the purity of the metal used in crafting the piece and the Assay office where the hallmarking was carried out.

Since the process of designing and crafting a piece for your own jewellery box UK is entirely unique to you personally, you may be thinking that the price will undoubtedly be extortionate and definitely beyond your means. Yet, in fact, the flexibility afforded by picking and integrating your own choice of materials allows for it to be designed to suit your personal budget. Xanthe Marina works in every metal from pure, brilliant sterling silver to creating warm, rich rose gold jewellery. Nature has created every colourful jewel used in each one of her designs, and so each piece is completely unique in its colour and sparkle. Everyone has something special to them, from their traditional birthstone to a treasured memory of something a beloved grandmother once wore. If it strikes a chord with you and means something particular, Xanthe Marina will aim to incorporate it within your piece to make it a lasting memento of your own history.

Whether you eventually opt to buy a piece from one of our fascinating collections or to create a one off piece from your own imagination, you will find the level of service and the expertise involved both distinctive and exclusive. Browse through the web site and see what could be achieved. Maybe you may be brought to the quirky simplicity of our reverse earrings or the intricate fragility of the silver lace collection. Some pieces will appeal to you and fill you with desire, others might leave you cold, simply for the reason that a woman’s taste is indeed a uniquely personal matter. But the sheer quality of the craftsmanship is one thing that shines throughout. Using the materials nature has given us and our own imaginations, Xanthe and her customers work collaboratively to create wonderful, everlasting pieces that can enhance any jewellery box UK. Why not begin the process now?